Disabled Cars For Sale


We are Lewis Reed, the definitive wheelchair accessible vehicle convertor, dedicated to developing and crafting the finest wheelchair accessible vehicles on the market.

We bring bespoke solutions to you and your family. We strive to push the boundaries in the WAV industry and exclusively produce new and unique wheelchair accessible vehicle for you to choose.

About Lewis Reed

Lewis Reed (WAV) Ltd is the leading UK vehicle supplier specialising in the conversion of vehicles to aid the mobility of wheelchair users. All vehicles are designed and manufactured using the latest CAD/CAM software and tested to applicable National, European, WAVCA and Disabled Cars For Sale standards. We sell new and used specialist vehicles for the disabled and wheelchair user.

Over the past 17 successful years we have continued to demonstrate our commitment to our customers directly and through our positive and mutually beneficial relationship with Disabled Cars For Sale.

We have achieved high standards of excellence and good practice for supporting our customers.

Customer Focus

We deliver outstanding service and customer care to our customers each and every day. Treating each and everyone with the respect they deserve. We hope to provide a friendly, empathetic and personal customer service experience.

Through talking and listening to our existing, past and potential customers we have learnt about problems that have been experienced with vehicles and transportation.

Through research we have managed to convert these problems into practical unique solutions for Lewis Reed vehicles.


Skoda Roomster – The smallest Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle on the Disabled Cars For Sale scheme. Up to 4 seats including wheelchair position. Original Equipment seats in all Lewis Reed Vehicles. Rear access

VW Caddy Maxi – Commanding the longest floor in its class on the market, enabling customers to sit as far forward as possible and be part of the family. Allowing maximum inclusion through their journey, and not being isolated in the rear. This extra space also enables a seating combination of up to 5 passengers and a choice of 2 wheelchair users. Rear access.

Kia Sedona – Commanding the widest floor and best headroom in its class on the market, enabling practically any sized wheelchair to sit right up between the two passengers in the middle, allowing maximum inclusion through their journey. Independent rear suspension on the Kia Sedona has facilitated this conversion which has been successfully tested to carry a 190KG wheelchair. Rear access.

On any of our VW T5 range, we can convert an upfront wheelchair position plus up to two further wheelchair positions of the customer’s choice. We can now offer a lowered levelled front wheelchair passenger and driver floor, improving our wheelchair positions in terms of comfort and eyeline. We have also reduced the price of this conversion for the customers benefit.

Choice of Short Wheel Base and Long Wheel base on the T5 range and the VW Caddy range. This enables more choice of seating positions and extra space for essential items.

Developing our versatile Flexi-seat® system to enabling our customer’s to easily change the vehicle seating to suit their needs.

The ability to upgrade or Executise any of our vehicles to enable full interior customisation.

Offer more choice for wheelchair drivers with our VW Shuttle SE offering an electric 6-way adjustable drivers seat and fully independent entrance and egress from the vehicle for wheelchair users.

Our unique in-house designed TorSpring® ramp has been further optimised for longevity and ease of use and it is now a standard fitment across our range of vehicles. Most importantly is that this ramp does not rattle. It is solid, lightweight and quiet.

Customer Communications mix

Our Customer Communications mix has been improved. Many disabled people are unable, or wish not to communicate via the telephone. Our solution is to offer alternative ways of communication, enabling a pleasurable, informative and above all, stress free experience. Customers can communicate with us by visiting the show room, calling on the telephone, faxing us, e-mail and now we are able to offer instant messaging using Live Person on our web site. This culminates into a powerful customer care focus, offering every customer a non-committed and easier way of communicating with our sales team.

We are proud to offer an outstanding customer continuity service. Once we have been contacted, we maintain continuity by allocating a member of our sales team to that customer, who then will continue to deal them throughout their buying experience. From the first point of contact: to organising demonstrations; dealing with questions and problems; to ordering; delivery and after sales service.

Innovation and Growth

Every year Lewis Reed increase their capacity and range of vehicles. We have invested heavily in new product development, having listened to our customers and have produced what we believe to be three new vehicle solutions for our customers:

Our specialist design team have made further improvements to our conversions, producing quieter, smoother and more versatile conversions than anything else offered on the market.

Lewis Reed Conversions

- High quality, high functionality.

  1. VW Caravelle: Superb 7 seater luxury vehicles with rear or side lift. We offer as an option a flat floor in the front passenger and/or the driver position to enable better seating and eyeline. Available in all VW T5′s. We think of the little extras that improve the wheelchair users journey in our vehicles.
  2. VW Caravelle Nelhi: This vehicle offers lowered suspension and rear entry via our unique TorSpring® ramp and electric remote winch, enabling easy entry form the rear without a lift. Options of a flat floor in the front passenger and/or the driver position available in all our VW T5′s.
  3. VW Shuttle: This vehicle has up to 7 seats plus wheelchair position. It can also be converted to drive from using a 6 way electric drivers seat. Options of a flat floor in the front passenger and/or the driver position available in all our VW T5′s.
  4. VW Cruiser MK III: up to 9 seats available including wheelchair position. This is a very versatile vehicle that come with three different roof heights for all sized wheelchair users. Options of a flat floor in the front passenger and/or the driver position available in all our VW T5′s.
  5. Kia Sedona: Commanding the widest floor and best headroom in its class on the market. Giving an excellent eyeline to the wheelchair user. Successfully tested to carry a 190KG wheelchair.
  6. VW Caddy Maxi: offering the longest floor in its class and the versatile Flexiseat® system.
  7. Skoda Roomster – The smallest Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle on the Disabled Cars For Sale scheme. Up to 4 seats including wheelchair position.
  8. Mercedes- Benz Viano – Our latest large Luxury Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. 7 seats plus wheelchair position. Side or rear access, lift or ramp.


We have shown a commitment to our customers by competitive pricing on the Disabled Cars For Sale scheme proving ongoing support for our customers.

Free No Obligation National Demonstrations

A no obligation demonstration specialist will visit the customer’s home anywhere in the UK rather than a sales person. This offers a unique stress free and non committal experience for the customer in a friendly, empathetic no pressure environment. The most suitable vehicle needed for their present situation will be brought to their home where they have the chance to try it out first hand. Options can be discussed with our specialist and the vehicle customised to best meet their needs. It is a free service and has no obligation attached to it.

After sales

After each customer has received their vehicle, we continue to contact them every 6 weeks to check everything is as they expected with the vehicle and they are happy with everything, then again on a 6 monthly basis.


Lewis Reed is a quality assured company. We are accredited to ISO 9001:2000

We are a founding member of WAVCA and totally committed to our customers and the development of new, innovative products to improve the mobility of wheelchair users.

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